About us

We are a family business with more than 70 years of experience in the production of cavendish bananas.

Exbanac was born with the objective of expanding borders and taking our product to new markets, which has certifications that guarantee a high quality standard.

We distinguish ourselves by the joint effort to make our production process efficient and friendly to the environment, through the efficient use of energy, the preservation of flora and fauna, and the responsible use of permitted and certified agricultural inputs.

We focus not only on the continuous improvement of the production process, but also on the most important part, the human part, which is why we strive to provide our collaborators with optimal and safe conditions for the development of their work.

Our commitment is to constantly reinvent ourselves, modernizing our processes to offer a differentiated product, providing safety and well-being for all our collaborators, suppliers and customers, without neglecting our responsibility with the environment.


Produce and export bananas with the highest market standards, developing sustainable and sustainable processes, friendly to the environment, guaranteeing a quality product to our customers.


To be a precursor company of sustainable growth with environmental awareness that generates trust and preference in the export market, being a reference for quality, well-being and service.





At Exbanac we act according to our principles, with integrity in each of our actions, providing confidence to our clients and collaborators.



The achievement of objectives depends on the responsible action of each of the bases that sustain our growth, therefore our commitment to act responsibly and reciprocally in each activity.



Being a benchmark company in the market, with environmental awareness, always drives us to innovate processes, where the appropriate use of resources is a priority to achieve efficiency in each activity.



Building a solid brand as a company requires commitment and resources, therefore our daily and joint effort to achieve a higher level of quality and safety in processes, products and services that we offer.


Our greatest strength is our people, we feel that with our work we have a social responsibility with the community and our workers, contributing to a positive development.

Examples of the activities are health surveillance programs for workers and their families, maintenance of community schools that promote the development and well-being not only of our collaborators but of the community as a whole.