Exbanac was born with the objective of expanding borders and bringing high quality products to new markets. Our 70 years of experience in the agricultural industry have allowed us to innovate and perfect processes that guarantee products of excellence.

For us, it is essential to offer our clients excellent service and a satisfactory commercial experience, which is why we are characterized by providing personalized attention in each part of the process.

In addition to offering quality products, our logistics operation is based in the city of Guayaquil, near the most important ports in the country where 80% of the export processes are coordinated, which allows us to have better control and efficiency. in the supply chain.

Our commitment is to constantly reinvent ourselves, modernizing our processes to offer a product with added value, providing safety and well-being for all our collaborators, suppliers and clients.



To be a leading company in the export of fresh fruits and
healthy. Committed to cultivating, selecting and exporting products of the highest quality and market standards, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers. Promoting and fostering sustainable agriculture and the development of local communities, in addition to promoting business practices framed in professional ethics in all our processes.


Be recognized as world leaders in the offer of premium fruit products. We aim to constantly diversify and expand our product range, maintaining unrivaled quality standards. We seek to be a reference in sustainable agricultural practices, innovative technologies and long-term business relationships.

Our values


We act with honesty, transparency and ethics in all our operations and business relationships. Always committed to making decisions based on solid principles; basis of trust, both with our clients and with our collaborators. A crucial aspect for long-term success


We continually strive to exceed expectations and achieve exceptional standards in all aspects of our operation, from production to export. The constant search for excellence drives us to improve processes, adopt innovative technologies and offer products and services that stand out in quality to our clients.


We act responsibly in all our actions and operations, both socially and environmentally. This involves responsibly managing resources, minimizing environmental impact, ensuring fair working conditions and contributing positively to the development of local communities.


Core value in our company. We strive to optimize our processes, to ensure efficient use of resources and timely delivery of high-quality products. Essential to maintain our competitiveness and meet the standards of excellence that we set for ourselves.


Our collaborators are the cornerstone of our success.

We value your dedication and contribution, which is why we foster an inclusive, respectful and collaborative work environment that inspires innovation and commitment. We strive to provide opportunities for professional and personal development, recognizing that the talent and passion of our employees are essential to achieving excellence in our company. Together, we built a strong team that drives growth and quality every step of our process.

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