Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Also known as dragon fruit, it is a tropical fruit native to Central America, although it is currently cultivated in various tropical and subtropical regions around the world. There are several species of pitahaya, but the two main varieties are the yellow and red pitahaya with white flesh (Hylocereus undatus) and the red one with red flesh (Hylocereus costaricensis or Hylocereus polyrhizus). It is consumed fresh and can be enjoyed alone, added to salads of fruits, smoothies, desserts and other culinary dishes. Due to its attractive appearance and unique flavor, dragon fruit has become increasingly popular around the world.

Nutritional benefits

It contains vitamin C and has digestive and anti-inflammatory properties; delays cellular aging; strengthens the immune system and stimulates the production of white and red blood cells and platelets.

Data Sheet


Red and Yellow

Unit of measurement


Fruit Size

Between 200 and 500gr.


144 Cajas- 180 Cajas/ Pallet


From 5 to 9


Boxes from 2.5kg to 4.5kg.

Boxes per container

2880 Boxes – 3600 Boxes/container

Type of transport

Maritime and Air

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